Friday, February 3, 2012

Preschool Prep - What every parent should own!

Hi Ladies and Gents!

I know it's been a while, but I try and make sure that any topic I post about is relevant, sufficient, and useful to my readers. My posts may seem sporadic, but I'm just trying to make sure everyone is receiving quality content. Thanks for being patient!

Anyway, back to topic: I have in my possession, the KEY to your child's reading success. For those who know me, and to those who don't, I am an avid reader. I LOVE books. As a mother, I want my child to grow up appreciating an enchanting story. (There is NOTHING like curling up with a great read on any given morning/afternoon/evening....well, you get it.) So I spend as much time as possible encouraging Noah to read, learn, and love! We visit Half Price Books quite frequently, and it was upon one of our weekly visit's that I discovered Preschool Prep's "Meet The Sight Words 3" in HPB's amazing clearance section. It was only a dollar, and I figured anything educational is worth a shot....BEST DOLLAR IVE EVER SPENT!

Noah and I came home, I popped in the DVD, and thus began our learning experience. I must admit, on our first viewing I thought to myself "Is Noah really going to enjoy this....?" (The DVD flashes a black sight word "from", "he", "she", etc; on a white screen for several seconds, while clearly stating the word.) After, a short animation featuring the word (such as the cover indicates to the right) is displayed. I had nothing to be worried about. Noah LOVES this video. Within a day (yes, really, just a day), he had a third of his sight words memorized! Now, as we read books each night before bed, Noah is reading to me!

I'm so excited about the results this fun, educational, entertaining DVD has been able to produce. I'm also a bit upset that I hadn't discovered the Preschool Prep series sooner! P.P also offers books, activity pages, DVDs such as "Meet the Colors", "Meet the Shapes", "Meet the Numbers", and so on. You can view their full line of products at

I strongly urge every parent to supply these learning tools for their children, you will not be disappointed! I emailed Preschool Prep to let them know I was trying to spread the word of their amazing products, and they generously sent me a 20% off promo code to share with my readers, score! Be sure to enter "PREP20" in the promo field upon checkout, and you're good to go. Also, shipping to all U.S. customers is free, woo-hoo!

UPDATE:  Preschool Prep is currently offering 50% off all products from now till May 16th, 2012. Plus, shipping in the U.S. is always free. YAY!  
EXTENDED through May 20th, 2012!!!!

DISCLOSURE: I have not been reimbursed in any way by Preschool Prep to endorse their products. The information I have provided is my honest opinion, and has not been influenced by any factors other than my own experiences with said product.