Thursday, April 30, 2015

Year(s) Long Hiatus + A Schick Giveaway!

Hello Dear (Loyal Few) Followers!

Its been nearly three years since I last visited my site! I'm sorry I haven't been around, but I'm gonna try and make it up to everyone. ;) There's more than a few changes in my life, so lets do a quick recap and get down to some free-stuff business:
  1. I have a new baby! Her name is Vivian, she's 5 months old already (boy does time fly by), and she is the Princess of my little family's castle.
  2.  I'm now a Full Time Mommy, AND a Full Time Admin. Asst. (Secretary to us less fancy folk).
  3.  My baby Noah is now 6, soon to be 7. Can time pretty please slow down?
  4.  I changed up my blog name. Welcome CrazyHairLair followers to the New and Improved Sweeps&Swag  
So anyhow, there's more changes, but there are also things in my life that remain constant. I'm still a (self proclaimed) Sweeping Queen, I still love free things, and I'm still trying to hook you guys up! So lets get right on to it. As some of you may remember, and, my bazillion new readers (Ha) will obviously see, I am a BzzAgent, and as a BzzAgent, I get free Swag for my honest opinion. Here we go:

Ive tried many Schick products before (Intuition, Quattro, etc) with some mixed feelings...not enough blades, not a close enough shave, nice exfoliation, etc; Needless to say I wasn't a MAJOR fan: Schick products were ok, but I wasn't raving...and then came the Hydro. (Can we get some strobe lights up in here, cause there's about to be a rave!) The Schick Hydro Silk disposable razors are one of the BEST disposable razors I have ever used before. There. I said it. Here’s why:

There are 5 "Curve Sensing Blades" which, to be honest...sounded like fluff to me....but fluff it is not! These 5 blades are wonder workers. Usually I have to use some major force to feel as if the blades are actually shaving as close to the minuscule follicle as possible (no there are no forests to be chopped through on my legs, I just enjoy a close shave!), but with Schick Hydro, a gentle glide was all which was necessary.

“Really, you say? A ”gentle glide”…get out of here.” But yeah, really! I didn’t even use shaving cream. (Gasp! I know, this is not good practice, but I was in a rush when I first tried my Hydro. ((I feel your pain new/new-again Mommies of screaming 5 month olds!)) I believe the good shave was made possible (in addition to the 5 blades) by the “water activated moisturizing serum”. This Schick product is legit. Just add a steady stream of water, and your good to go.

And, here’s another little gem about Hydro Silk: I’ve used the same blade 3 times, with no shaving cream, and have had the same results each time: A smooth, razor-bump-free shave. 

What are you waiting for Ladies??! Go get your silk on...oh ok, wait. I know what your waiting on....a free sample. You know I'm gonna hook someone up! One of my readers will be receiving a 3 pack of Schick HydroSilk Disposable Razors, the NEW Skintimate Silky Skin Shave Gel, and a coupon or two to help keep your skin smooth. Score! Please proceed to the nearest Rafflecopter Form (Hint: located directly below this post) Winner will be randomly drawn from all verified entries. Prize has been purchased and supplied by me, and will be shipped directly from my home. Good Luck!

DISCLOSURE: I am a BzzAgent, and have received a product sample, coupon, collateral, or other special premium from BzzAgent. The information I have provided is my honest opinion, and has not been influenced by any factors other than my own experiences with Schick Hydro Silk Disposable Razors.