Saturday, October 24, 2009

Noah Turns One, Mommy Turns Old (And Cranky)

My son, Noah, just turned a year old today.

I decided yesterday afternoon that I would have cake, ice cream, and maybe pizza in celebration.....there are a few problems with this grand idea of mine. Let's just start with:

  1. Noah is not allowed to have cake, ice cream, or pizza.
  2. Mommy (Me) is not allowed to have cake, ice cream, or pizza.
  3. Mommy and Noah will (more than likely) want said cake, ice cream, and pizza.
  4. Mommy is unemployed at the moment, and cake, ice cream, and pizza does not purchase itself.
So, because of these slight predicaments, I decided to have a garage sale. I spent all of last night organizing, tagging, creating (Awesome, if I may add) signage, and transporting all items to a neighbor's conveniently located, high-traffic-area home.

So there I was bright and early at 7 a.m., awaiting all my garage sale guests. NOBODY came....another hour went by.....Nobody came......finally, FINALLY, I had guests. (Who turned out to be neighbors from up the street....) Right around 2, after my fifth customer, I called it a day and spent another 30 minutes re-binning all the clothes I had tagged/dragged out of the entire house. I was feeling a bit down. It was a beautiful day out, but I just told myself everyone was out enjoying the day rather than garage sale shopping.

So I loaded up, and took off to remove my (AWESOME, $7.00 a piece) signs. But when I got to each corner, I was surprised to find at least 3 signs, and none of my own....

It wasn't because everyone was out "enjoying the beautiful day" that I didn't have hardly any customers, it WAS BECAUSE SOMEONE JACKED MY EXPENSIVE SIGNS!!!! ALL 3 OF THEM!!!! I was peeved, to say the least. All that hard work, all that damn clothes I dragged out, and had to drag back in. I was ready to knock over the paper boy, and run over the friendly looking grandma. I bet that old hack took my signs! I was envisioning myself driving around in my rich cousin's hummer assaulting any house within a 5 mile radius of my garage sale. So I came home, peeved, and broke, and did the only thing I could do. I ate an ice cream bar. Had a cookie, and logged onto my blog. I guess the neighbors are safe for now. And maybe Noah will have a cupcake for his birthday. Im pretty sure I cant find a cake for $3.00.

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