Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"FyrFlyz - We own the Night!!!"

As a member of MomSelect, I was selected to try out an awesome new toy called FyrFlyz. If you haven't seen or heard of them yet, let me fill you in!

FyrFlyz is what you get when you combine a yo-yo with a glow-stick. The plastic housing is about 4 inches in length, and the tip of each end contains a multicolored light. This piece is suspended on two strings which have finger slots at both ends. (As pictured at right.) Spin them around and watch the fun come alive!

The toy has an age suggestion of 8+, my 3 year old's arms aren't quite long enough, but with Mommy's supervision and assistance, he enjoys them as well.

AND, FyrFlyz aren't just for children, all the adults were highly intrigued as well!! This year on Thanksgiving, my family and I took turns playing with the blue (Blue Angel) and purple (NytFyr) FyrFlyz....I think by the end of the night we all wanted one of our own. I find myself picking it up and using it up till my arms tire out. (Did I mention this becomes a workout as well??)

Thanksgiving night I used them in line at Toys 'R Us, and they were a HUGE hit. Everyone wanted to know where to get them (Toys 'R Us,) and how much. (Under 10 bucks!)

The Black Friday crowd was very excited to try out our FyrFlyz!

FyrFlyz are also available for purchase at: FAO Schwarz, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Transworld, Toyzam, Amazon.com, and other specialty stores.

The FyrFlyz are small, as previously described, and will make a great surprise in anyone's stocking. I highly recommend them! If you'd like additional information on FyrFlyz, you can find it HERE on their official website, or by following FyrFlyz on Facebook, and/or Twitter.

Also, If you are interested in reviewing fun products, you can do so by joining MomSelect.

Disclosure: I received two free FyrFlyz, as part of a promotional program with FyrFlyz and MomSelect, for review purposes only.

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