Monday, June 11, 2012

Your Dad deserves more, Shutterfly can help. :)

Pops and Me December 1988

I dont know about you guys, but I happen to have THE BEST Dad in the world. He's Mr. Fix It in our home (and everyone elses home who we happen to know), he gives great hugs, smells nice, and is always wonderfully silly. Yes, even as a grown adult woman with my own children, these are all still important Dad Factors to me.

When Father's Day rolls around every year, I always like to take a little extra time, and put some serious thought into my Dad's gift. It has to be something he needs, AND something he'd want. (This is a given though, Im sure most of you go through the same thought process for your wonderful Father(s).) My Dad knows his gifts are going to rock, but honestly, I think what my Pops most looks forward to, is his card. I can go into his room, and in his top dresser drawer I will find Father's Day cards dated way too far back. He treasures his cards, and the loving notes written carefully inside of them.
My Sisters, Pops, and Myself

This year, make sure to give your dad a great Father's Day card that he will treasure for years to come, by going HERE to Shutterfly's Facebook. Show them some love by liking their page. Shutterfly will offer you a free personalized 5x7 photo or stationary card to share with your dad. (Do it quickly, this offer will only be available through June 18th.) Awesome.  ;)

There is nothing as fortunate as being blessed with a good Dad, and I thank God everyday for mine. So to all wonderful Father's out there, please know that you are appreciated, loved, and special. Happy Father's Day!

My Favorite Dad in the whole wide world. :)

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